NEW WORLD ORDER: Changes, additions, and roadmaps.

Greetings. Here's how things are changing.

My new Squarespace site is up, but will be updated slowly. Please go check it out, it's very nice.

This blog will stay a blog. Not that I don't love my shiny new Squarespace, but I think it's best to leave that as a more polished, "professional" site with serious business and all that. In particular, comments will be activated here and not there.

Feeds are different now. I have three different streams of content: essays, fiction, and blog posts. Keep in mind that blog posts are going to be a mishmash of all sorts of stuff now, whereas essays and fiction are just that.

Blog posts are now

Essays are now

Fiction is now (complete the pattern)

If you want everything in one convenient RSS-y package, that would be

Unfortunately, that means those of you who subscribed to the Comfortable Disease RSS feed have to re-subscribe to the new blog feed. Sorry y'all.

Comments are Disqus. You don't have to make an account to post, but it'd be nice. It's all a lot better than Google+ comments or the default Blogger comments, though.

That's all. Here's to a more prolific future for this blog. Unemployment and unenschoolment should have their benefits.