"Hey baby, how much?"

Matt Yglesias at Slate reports that there's a new dating site on the block, where "generous" guys can bid on first dates with "attractive" women. From the site itself:
WhatsYourPrice.com is the only online dating website where money can buy you love or at least a first date.
Based on our patent-pending dating system, WhatsYourPrice.com provides the platform for generous members to bid on a first date with attractive members. By offering a little incentive, attractive members are more inclined to take a risk on someone who isn’t their usual type, and if the date goes sour, at least they won’t be going home empty handed.
Once you get past the socially squicky concept of bidding for love, I'm a bit confused as to the gender-norm setup here. On the one hand, the site's graphics make it pretty obvious that men are the "generous" ones and women are the "attractive" ones, but in that "About" blurb they try for a little more gender-neutral (or equal) language.

Yglesias notes that money-for-love schemes are socially squicky for a reason, and that maybe a more traditional date-auction-for-charity scheme would be more okay:
Imagine if the offer was to make a donation to GiveDirectly. In that case, the size of the offer would still serve as a signal of wealth and genuine interest as well as functioning as a screening device. But accepting the offer would signal a blend of reciprocal interest charitable impulses rather than a blend of reciprocal interest and greed.
I'm inclined to agree. As it stands, WhatsYourPrice is like a date with Ludwig von Mises—entirely focused on rational self-interest.