Hello, world. [Introduction]

Welcome; welcome to this, my as-yet unfollowed blog. Let the navel-gazing commence!

I won't bother telling you (that vague "you") about myself because chances are, whoever reads this will know me already. It's a statistical fact, I think; the Interwebs do more to connect us with those we already know than to connect us with the great unknown masses. So, suffice to say, my name is Stephen, and I'll be your blogger today. That's all you need to know, unless you already know more. In that case, I probably know you personally. Otherwise, you're probably an Internet predator and Chris Hansen will be talking with you shortly.

Now, about what I will do with this blog, since doing, after all, is what defines us, especially in the Wild West of anonymity that is the Internet. I think (think) that this blog will be mostly for my commentary on issues brought up elsewhere, like other blogs or that pesky construct known as "reality." Because, you know, I hear that things happen in reality sometimes, and sometimes they're worth commenting on.

So, until I think of something that's actually blog-worthy, I will be saying adeiu. 

Hypocrite lecteur!